Friday, December 31, 2010

Star Trek Plaque II

Ini pula adalah Star Trek The Next Generation Special Commemorative Edition Porcelain Plaque. Keluaran khas ini terhad kepada tigapuluhlima "firing days" yang bermaksud setelah tigapuluhlima hari, mould atau acuan yang digunakan untuk membuat plaque ini akan dimusnahkan dan tiada lagi plaque seumpama ini boleh dikeluarkan. Pada bahagian belakang kotak tertulis:
"In September of 1987, Star Trek The Next Generation began its voyage into television history. In 1994, the voyage reaches its end. To commemorate seven years of the ground-breaking television series, Willitts Designs is proud to present this beautifully illustrated plaque. Adorning its fine porcelain surface are portraits of the show's characters, as unique and exciting as the show itself, and the Starship Enterprise. The elegant plaque is outlined with a delicate white gold edge, and is enclosed in a handsome silver-grey wood display case, featuring a special edition medallion. The display case is equipped with a built-in easel and hook for either shelf or wall display."

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